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January 10, 2007

New Year demolitions in the Negev

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91072.JPGToday, 9 January 2007, large forces of the ILA and Ministry of Interior destroyed 21 houses in the unrecognized village of Twayyil abu Jarwal, North East of Goral Junction in the Negev. The Regional Council for the Unrecognized Villages reported that during the past several months, houses were destroyed in this village on 4 different occasions. On 6 December, 17 houses belonging to Al Talalka family were destroyed.Minister of Interior, Roni Bar-On, has said in the Knesset that all the unlicensed houses in the Negev Bedouin community, numbering 42,000, will be destroyed. He did not mention, however, that building permits cannot be obtained in these villages. Ever.

Photo by Naba Agency
Reported by Ariel Dloomy, mail to: 

Dukium, Forum for Co-existence in the Negev  05077 01118



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